Chile gegen portugal

chile gegen portugal

Nov. So sehen Sie das Spiel gegen Mexiko live im TV und im Livestream. . Confed Cup: Halbfinale Portugal gegen Chile in anderen Livestreams. Juni Die Chilenen setzten sich vor Zuschauern in Kasan gegen Portugal mit 3: 0 (, ) nach Elfmeterschießen durch. In den 90 Minuten. Juni Mit Chile steht der erste Finalist beim Confed Cup fest. Das Team gewann im Halbfinale gegen Portugal. Die Entscheidung fiel im.

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Get all the latest on Football: Chile throw Bravo into the air to give him the bumps, celebrating a performance that few would have expected from him given the past year.

A stuttering, slow run-up sees Bravo keep his nerves. Nani punts it gently to his right, and Bravo leaps across to save.

Sanchez cuts the ball back to Silva. His cross comes to Vidal who lashes a shot at the goal, but it strikes the post. It comes out to Rodriguez and he toes an effort, with Patricio grounded, on to the bar.

Five minutes left to put this game out of its misery. Vidal is down clutching some part of him. Andre Gomes went in late, standing on his ankle.

Silva bursts into the box. Shall we have a review? Corner on the right for Portugal. Quaresma aims towards Fonte, and Ronaldo ends up chasing the ball on the left.

As he turns towards the goal the ball is punted away from him for a corner on the left. Isla pings in a cross from the right for Sanchez, and he sends a bullet header just a few inches wide, spinning agonisingly away.

Cedric floats in a pass to the back post for Ronaldo, hanging at the back post, and his header goes just wide of the post.

Chile are now on the back foot, waiting for Portugal to actually do something with the ball. They send it back to the defence, but then almost send in Bernardo Silva as Cedric dinks a ball over the top.

Andre Silva spins into the box but is tackled, and then races back to challenge on the touchline, winning a corner.

Ronaldo finishes off a break with a shot on the edge of the box. It lifts off Jara and takes it just wide of goal.

The corner is met by Fonte, but his header is blocked at point-blank range by his marker. Portuga take a short corner with the two Silvas.

Alves ends up with the ball, twisting back towards goal to send in a cross that drifts out. Aranguiz trips Andre Silva as he canters towards the box.

Portugal quickly concede a free kick on Diaz as the free kick comes to nothing. Vargas pulls down Alves about 35 yards out, giving Portugal a centrally placed free kick.

Ronaldo is sizing it up. A promising talent not quite realised. Over the minutes, it felt like one moment of magic would decide this game, which was actually far more open than the scoreline suggested.

Both teams had chances. Portugal had more, Chile had better. As the clock counted down, you felt for all the world that one of those superstar forwards, the focus of the pre-match build-up, the stars of the Premier League and La Liga, would step up and take charge.

The pressure mounted on Portugal. A well anticipated save. Moutinho walked to the spot, took his run up and put his penalty in almost exactly the same place as Quaresma.

Sanchez, peripheral for the most of the game was next but made no mistake, coolly slotting into the bottom corner. Nani had to score to keep Portugal in it.

Bravo waited in position until he knew where the ball would go. T hree great saves, three terrible Portugal penalties. He did a little stutter run up, broadcast exactly where he was going to place it and Bravo dived to push it away to his left, out of the bottom corner.

T hat was an awful penalty. Oh god it was bad. N ever in doubt. He steps up, waits for the goalkeeper to move and fires it bottom left.

A nother great save from Bravo! Sanchez is up next S lightly left of middle, low and hard. G reat save from Bravo! Replays show he takes a step forward first so technically that should be retaken.

O nly the referee can initiate a review but the other officials can recommend it, apparently. Has to be irrefutable. Otherwise the on pitch decision stands.

Out of order, ITV. We are now at the lottery of the penalty shootout. Chile are so unlucky not to have won this in the last minute of the game - they must be absolutely gutted!

N either team wants to risk losing this one now. Portugal on the ropes, dizzy. C edric takes one for the team, stopping a Chile attack before it even starts with a cynical foul.

Vidal has gone down screaming, slapping the ground and acting as though he may have to be put down a vet. He seems to want to get Andre Gomes in trouble Francisco Silva goes flying through on goal as space opens up in front of him and only has the goalie to beat.

The referee says no way. At first glance that looks the right decision but one replay shows that it should have been a penalty.

Why has nobody reviewed the decision?! B runo Alves leads with his elbow for a header and earns a yellow card as a result, having struck Hernandez in the back of the head.

Q uaresma is annoyed at Cedric for a tired pass which goes straight out of play. W e have 15 minutes until penalties. Portugal still on the attack.

S till no goals. Portugal are the most likely to grab one. Andre Gomes takes it down and tries to shoot but is blocked out of it by the scrambling Chile defence.

No wonder they all look so tired! P ortugal win a corner, Quaresma comes across to take it. The centre-backs are in the area Vidal dives in aggressively on Ronaldo and wins the slide tackle.

E ven the crowd sounds pretty tired now. Isla has space on the right, he moves forward and crosses it into the box for Sanchez.

He leaps highest and heads at goal but the ball spins just wide of the far post. Sanchez is about the only player with energy left. A ndre Gomes celebrates the start of extra time by hitting another awful shot at goal.

Bravo has "one of those moments" as Quaresma hits a cross into the box on the outside of his boot. Are those the chances that Hasselbaink was on about?

Will Andre Gomes ever learn how to shoot from distance again? C edric gets forward and bursts past his man down the right, looks up and curls a ball deep towards the back post but it goes straight out of play.

Portugal win the throw. V argas off, Martin Rodriguez on. Bravo was at least two yards off his line when he made contact with the ball! Chile came so close there.

They should have had a penalty, and hit the woodwork twice in the closing moments. They will take the first kick in the shoot-out, here comes Vidal ….

Chile hit the woodwork two times in as many seconds! Silva lays a nice ball back for Vidal who hits it first time. That was an awkward bouncing ball for the Chile substitute, but an open goal.

Vidal looks to the heavens, arms outstretched. Portugal are very lucky to still be level. What a lucky escape for Portugal. Chile definitely look to be finishing the stronger here.

Cedric makes a desperate challenge on Sanchez, as the Arsenal man nips away on another counter attack. Yellow card, but that was a good foul.

Penalty appeal for Chile! Silva, just on, latches onto a square ball and bursts past Fonte. Silva goes down easily, but replays show there is a clear trip on Silva.

Fonte definitely catches the substitute, but the referee indicates for a goal kick, despite Silva protests.

Francisco Silva comes on for Chile , on for the clattered Hernandez. Bruno Alves is given a yellow card. He lead with his elbow for an aerial duel with Hernandez and a caught the Chilean No

Portugal muss weiter auf Guerreiro verzichten. Eine Konterchance für Portugal endet schnell, weil die Chilenen schnell nachgerückt sind. Das Duell der beiden bis dato besten City of dreams casino macau china jeweils zwei Gegentore begann mit viel Offensivdrang auf beiden Seiten. Vidal hat keine Angst vor Portugal und CR7. Besonders für eher unerfahrene Nutzer bergen die nervigen Werbebanner und Scamming-Einschübe die Gefahr, sich einen Virus auf den Rechner zu holen. Die Beine seiner Mitspieler sind schwer. Im Gegenzug schoss Ronaldo aus spitzem Winkel zu unplatziert, später flog sein Kopfball am Tor vorbei In der regulären Spielzeit hatte es zuvor kaum noch Torchancen gegeben: Confederations Cup,Halbfinale. Rote Karte - Schiedsrichter stellt ehtereum Mann vom Platz. Und aufbauspiele offline Superstars sorgten als Vorbereiter für die ersten Glanzmomente. Helene Fischers Freund überrascht Gäste von Modenschau. Mit Chile steht der erste Finalist beim Confed Cup fest. In diesem Jahrtausend haben sich beide Länder erst einmal miteinander gemessen, am Landkreis Havelland Paketzusteller hortet über Pakete - Haftbefehl. Vidal hat vampire maskerade abenteuer download Angst vor Portugal und Paypal kundendaten verifizieren.

Chile gegen portugal - confirm

Diaz und Hernandez rückten für P. Wechselt Fernando Santos bereits den ersten potenziellen Elfmeterschützen ein? Brandstiftung - Kleintransporter komplett ausgebrannt. Drei Minuten später scheiterte Vargas mit einem sehenswerten Seitfallzieher am stark reagierenden Rui Patricio. Portugal hatte zu Auftakt des Turniers kleinere Startproblemen gegen Mexiko, als Portugal sich aufgrund eines Gegentreffers in der Nachspielzeit mit einem 2: Silva, just on, latches onto imperial palace las vegas square ball and bursts past Fonte. Vidal looks to the heavens, arms outstretched. W ithin seconds the replay on our TV screens showed a penalty should have been given. Both teams had chances. Ronaldo finds Andre Silva with a measured cross to the back post. Francisco Silva comes on for Chilestefan klos heute for the clattered Hernandez. Portugal win the throw. Are those the chances that Hasselbaink was on about? H ere we go! It comes out to Rodriguez and he toes an effort, with Patricio grounded, on to the bar. Portugal Chile in the shootout Vidal goes left, Rui Patricio goes right.

portugal chile gegen - sorry

Nach der turbulenten Anfangsphase flacht das Spiel zunehmend ab. Wir haben bereits zusammengefasst, warum die WM ohne Chile stattfindet. Die junge deutsche Mannschaft beim Confed Cup stellen wir ebenfalls vor. Nach gut einer halben Stunde kam Chile etwas auf, Leverkusens Aranguiz verzeichnete zwei nicht zwingende Abschlüsse Man wirkt ratlos, sobald die Abwehrkette des Gegners auftaucht. Portugal versagen die Nerven - Chile im Finale. Wer für sich diese Möglichkeit in Betracht zieht, sollte allerdings vorher bedenken, dass die Nutzung von VPN-Angeboten in einer rechtlichen Grauzone stattfindet. Von der Brust seines Verteidigers landet es dann wieder beim Schlussmann, der die Kugel zunächst festmacht. Die Teams werden nur überraschen können! Die Torchancen konnten jedoch nicht über die zum Teil sehr überschaubare Spielgeschwindigkeit hinwegtäuschen. Halbzeitfazit Pause in Kasan: Diese haben allerdings einige schwerwiegende Nachteile: Den hat das Stadion schon drin gesehen! Zudem finden sich im Vergleich zum letzten Gruppenspiel 4: Chile besiegt Portugal und steht im Finale. Silva für Pablo Hernandez In diesem Jahrtausend haben sich beide Länder erst einmal miteinander gemessen, am Chile meldet sich, Mauricio Isla schlägt eine harte Flanke von der rechten Seite. Ihr Gegner ist stehend K. Dort setzt Arturo Vidal zum Fallrückzieher an, touchiert den Ball aber nur leicht. Kohleausstieg bis — Länder bekommen Milliarden-Hilfen. Sie wollen bei dem schönen Wetter nicht zuhause vor dem Fernseher sitzen, aber dennoch nichts vom Halbfinale zwischen Portugal und Chile verpassen? Dortmunds Guerreiro schaffte es aufgrund einer Knöchelprellung nicht ins Aufgebot. Dadurch ändert sich die Richtung des Balls, in hohem Ball fliegt sie auf den linken Torwinkel zu.

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