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Recent inquiry at the Hall, however, failed to discover either the picture or the photograph. At the same time a new wing con- taining a dining-room was built on the west side.

I am strengthened in this view by the fact that in , when a new doorway was made from the staircase lobby to the billiard-room i.

At any rate, the Hall underwent a drastic change at the beginning of the last century and was a stone-faced building when the late Charles Scarisbrick succeeded to the estates on the death of his brother Thomas in He was already in possession of the Eccleston and Wrightington estates, and in he purchased the Bold moiety of North Meols.

He was reputed to be the wealthiest commoner in Lancashire. He determined to rebuild Scarisbrick Hall on a lavish scale, and in the work was com- menced.

He chose as his architect Augustus Welby Pugin, then a young man not yet twenty-five years of of age. Where and how Mr.

Scarisbrick came into contact with Pugin is not recorded. But, whatever his reasons for doing so, Charles Scaris- brick entrusted the work of rebuilding Scarisbrick Hall to Augustus Welby Pugin, and gave him an almost free hand; the result was one of the finest buildings of the Gothic revival in all England.

The only restriction put upon Pugin was that he had to retain the founda- tions of the old house. His biographer, Benjamin Ferrey, says: Here Pugin had money at his command, but, unfortunately as in almost every one of his later buildings , he was hampered in his ideas by the determi- nation of Mr.

Scarisbrick to build upon the foundations of the old house. Notwithstanding this, the architecture is of the highest merit, ahd the great hall is quite unsur- passed by any modern building of the kind.

It is very much in the style of the present Houses of Parliament, and the clock tower bears undeniable resemblance to the present graceful structure at Westminster.

The plans fill six large folios, one of which contains exquisitely finished perspective sketches of various parts of the building.

The retention of the old foundations, however, is said to have determined the plan of the new Hall, and to account for the comparative smallness for a house of this size of many of the rooms and for the absence of a really dignified main staircase.

But an examination of the original sketch plan for the "proposed alterations" not rebuilding , now preserved in Scarisbrick Hall, makes it clear that the whole of the west wing was retained.

The drawing is signed "A. Pugin," and is dated Much, if not all, of the interior decoration is his work, and the reconstruction of the great hall is, of course, entirely his; but the exterior of the west end of the house is of a rather thin style of revivalist Gothic which it would not be difficult to believe to be the work of a predecessor of Pugin, possibly of Foster himself.

The original working drawings they did not know to exist. Scarisbrick and kept by him. Pugin Powell, a grandson of Augustus Welby Pugin, writes: In my mind there is no doubt he just touched it up with a window or buttress or panel here and there; the evidence of the building is conclusive on this point.

Pugin preserved in Scarisbrick are some dated , but the work did not begin till the following year. In his diary, under date nth February, , Pugin notes, "began Mr.

But long before the completion of the work both A. Pugin and Charles Scarisbrick were dead. Pugin died in , Charles Scarisbrick in i He also built the north and south porches, the lantern, and carried out some of the decoration in the west wing.

His designs for the rebuilding of the rest of the house were afterwards much altered and elaborated by his son, though the picturesque group of stable buildings to the north-east of the hall were built according to A.

Pugin, then a youth of eighteen. Charles Scarisbrick," says a writer in The Building News 24th April, , "insisted upon retaining some portion of the original house and the whole of the foundations, the confined limits of which have necessitated the erection of a north-eastern wing one hundred and seventy feet in length.

Foster, the architect, was probably John Foster, of Liverpool, the architect of the noble Custom House in that city.

Foster, at any rate, was in practice at Liverpool, where he was architect and surveyor to the corporation at this period, retiring in He altered and added to them, noticeably the south and west gateways.

The north gateway is not his. Some building was done in this period that has since been destroyed. Scarisbrick was a great collector of pictures, and he constructed a large picture gallery, which was taken down in to make way for the present north-east wing.

The work of rebuilding was very incomplete when Lady Scarisbrick succeeded to the estates in , but she carried it on with great energy and with lavish generosity, and brought it to a completion in She put absolute trust in Mr.

Edward Pugin and gave him practically a free hand. During her reign the eastern wing, with the chapel and the lofty tower, which is a landmark in the country for miles around, was built from Mr.

Roughly speaking Scarisbrick Hall is r""n shaped in plan, the main front with the two projecting wings facing south or more correctly south-east. In the centre of the principal front is the great hall, two storeys in height, with its roof crowned by a lantern.

On each side are projecting wings, with gables and great bay windows. The lofty "Scarisbrick tower" often incorrectly called the clock tower stands at the east end of the front, and its lower storey forms the sanctuary of the chapel.

The long northern wing divides the garden on the north side of the house from the paved courtyard on the north-east, round which the stables and offices are grouped.

The main building and offices are erected in Longridge and Scarisbrick stone, and the stables in red brick. The fittings and decorations are of a very splendid and costly description.

A detailed description of the building and its parts without the help of a plan to guide one would be tedious and uninteresting, and more may be learnt concerning the appearance of Scarisbrick Hall from the illustrations accompanying this article than it would be possible.

Externally, there is or has been a good deal of gilding, from the ridges down to the leaded lights in the windows. Edward Pugin, will be seen to be much richer and more florid than those of the western side of the house.

Inside and out, much use is made of mottoes and initials. The interior is full of colour, and has little or nothing of the sombreness which in some minds is so often associated with Gothic buildings.

Except for the old oak, which, however, is not part of the building, but was mostly collected by Mr. The effect, as may be supposed, is very rich and beautiful.

Pugin saw the Middle Ages as a period of pageantry and colour; and, as at Scarisbrick, we get colour everywhere: Everything was designed by the Pugins themselves, from the great hall and the tower down to the door knobs, furniture, and carpets.

To its admirers, the Gothic revival offers no more triumphant justification of its being than Scarisbrick Hall.

People have come to see that the real Gothic spirit is something quite different from the mere copying of the work of the Middle Ages.

Pugin himself, however, saw this well enough, though one result of his energies has been to make others into mere dead copyists.

Round the arch of the south vestibule is a beautifully wrought scroll, bearing in raised characters the words, "This Hall was built by me.

The mantelpiece is built of stone from Lathom Park, and bears the inscription on a scroll, " Make the Pile for Fire Great! On the west side of the apartment is an imposing and splendid piece of oak carving, inserted in the wall, the subject being Christ crowned with thorns, and opposite this, on the east side, is a magnificent and elabo- rately carved dark oak screen.

The spandrels and roof are filled with the representations of antediluvian and fabulous monsters, in gold and appropriate colours, and in the hollow of the rich illuminated cornice round the apartment are the following Scripture verses: Leading from the carved oak room is a splendid saloon called the Tudor Hall, and here not only the wainscoting, but the ceiling, is of richly carved oak, the upper panels of the wainscoting being filled with portraits, including those of Henry VIII.

The canopies over these portraits are most exquisite, the carving being picked out in gold, red, and blue. The drawing-room is a spacious and splendid apartment,!

The great hall is only thirty-two feet by twenty-five feet. The two great oriel windows have, however, an addi- tional projection of nine feet, and in its upper part, where the gallery over the entrance corridor is thrown open to the hall, the apartment may be said to be about forty-three feet in length.

Its size is about thirty-six feet by twenty feet, exclusive of the bay window. The carved oak room is only about twenty feet by sixteen feet, and the Tudor hall twenty-two feet by twenty feet.

The mantelpiece is a magnificent specimen of stone carving, the subjects in two panels being two views of the hall, underneath which is a scroll bearing the name "Charles Scarisbrick," the whole being executed in bold relief.

These painted panels in the drawing-room mantel- piece represent Scarisbrick Hall as it was intended to be rebuilt from the first designs of A.

Two carved oak panels on the staircase also represent, as first designed, the hall and the stable buildings.

A comparison of these panels with the actual building will show at once how much the original design was afterwards modified by Mr.

Edward Pugin and Lady Scarisbrick. The later work is richer and more elaborate, and the tower is much loftier and better proportioned. The tower was originally intended to be a clock tower and a large dial set the scale to the design.

The original drawings for the clock tower are preserved at Scarisbrick, and they show a design which certainly recalls in many ways the clock tower at Westminster.

The resemblance of the style of Scaris- brick Hall to that of the Houses of Parliament has, indeed, often been commented upon, and an inspection of the designs at Scarisbrick, which were not carried out, rather emphasises this resemblance than otherwise.

Pugin was, of course, working on the two buildings at the same time. From the description just quoted it will be seen that the interior decorations at Scarisbrick are of a rather "splendid" description, and that the use of texts and mottoes is very frequent.

Pugin at the time he restored the great hall. Round the inside of the lantern is inscribed in red and gold capitals, "For He that is mighty hath done great things for me and holy is His name.

Lady Scarisbrick has left her initials, A. Ann Scaris- brick , along with the single letters s Scarisbrick and p Pugin , appear to pursue you all over the building, and form the motif of elegant diaper patterns on the walls of the principal apartments.

On the outside of the eastern wing is carved the legend, "Ann Lady of Scarisbrick built this wing A. The oak carvings which form so noticeable a feature of the interior of Scarisbrick Hall, especially in the great hall, are chiefly ancient Belgian work of the fifteenth century, collected by the late Charles Scarisbrick.

They are said to form, however, only a remnant of the original collection left by Mr. Some of the objects of virtu, however, were brought back, including the three bronze groups in front of the hall.

The gardens are not very extensive, and lie on the south, west, and north sides of the house. The garden is entered from the park across a bridge, and through a handsome pair of wrought-iron gates of the Renaissance period, recently brought from France by the Marquis de Cast6ja.

The original Gothic gates, designed by Pugin and made by Messrs. Hardman, of Birmingham, are now placed at the Bescar entrance to the park.

There is a great deal of Messrs. Grace, the decorative artist, was also associated with Pugin in the work at Scarisbrick as well as at Westminster.

The motto quoted at the head of this paper, and made use of by Charles Scarisbrick to decorate his house, must not be taken too literally as inferring that the new Scarisbrick Hall is to-day "as it was in the days of old.

Scarisbrick ever had such an intention I do not believe. The text adapted from Amos, however, may be held to put on record the pious wish of the new proprietor to restore in a worthy manner the ancestral home of his family.

As a piece of domestic architecture Scarisbrick Hall suffers a good deal from the restrictions put upon its architect. Its plan would probably have been more convenient had a clean sweep been made of the old building.

At the same time it is well to remember that A. Pugin was rather a great decorative artist than a great architect. His strength as an artist lay in the design of ornamental detail.

The facility with which he invented patterns for mural diaper and every kind of surface decoration was extraordinary. The general truth of such criticism is, perhaps, nowhere better seen than at Scarisbrick Hall, although much of the work is of a much later date than Augustus Welby Pugin.

A domestic chapel existed at Scarisbrick Hall for many generations. In and licences were obtained from the Bishop of Lichfield that service might be performed in the hall chapel.

In the will of Thomas Scarisbrick cited above the list of heirlooms in the chapel includes "two vestments, two chasubles, two albs, a chalice, a corporal, a supra altar, altar cloths, two mass books, twelve images closed in box cases, and two images not closed.

Edward Scarisbrick, the builder of the hall, was reported in as "conformable, he, but his wife a recusant," and in the year following it is said of him that he "seldom communycateth, his children trained up in popery, and his daughters never come to History of the Gothic Revival, by Chas.

Eastlake, , chapter ix. One of the four sons of a later Edward Scarisbrick, Henry, became a Jesuit, and was stationed at Scarisbrick as officiating priest at the chapel at the hall from to For many years a priest resided on the estate of the Scarisbricks and ministered to the spiritual wants of the Catholic tenantry.

For several years the chapel was served by the Jesuit fathers. Service was celebrated at the hall, but in the tithebarn at Bescar was bought and converted into a place of worship.

In the Benedictines were invited to serve the mission, which has since been carried on by them. The windows are circular-headed and the square doors are simply ordinary house doors.

An account of the Scarisbrick family was written in by Mr. A great deal of information regarding this family is there brought together, but the following brief catalogue of the " Lords of Scarisbrick" is based chiefly on Mr.

From Gilbert de Scarisbrick, temp. The will of Gilbert Scarisbrick directs that his body be buried "in the old chapel in the north side of the church of Burscough near my mother and my wife.

Before the Dissolution, however, as the will of Thomas Scarisbrick shows, they were being buried in Ormskirk Church. The mediaeval brass now on the south wall of the Scarisbrick Chapel is supposed to represent Sir Henry Scarisbrick 7 , who fought at Agincourt, but the brass itself is probably of a much later date.

Probable suc- cessor of Gilbert. He granted two acres of land to Burscough Priory. He held the manor about ten years.

Succeeded pro- bably as a child. In he entailed his estates on his heirs male, with remainder to his brother Gilbert. Probably fought at Agincourt, and was knighted on the field.

Returned with Henry V. In he was at the siege of Sens, and probably died in France the same year. Died between Sep- tember, , and May, Died 24th April, , seized of the manor of Scaresbreke, "with mills, messuages, lands, woodlands, rents, etc.

The king claimed his wardship as certain lands were stated to be held directly of the Crown. On inquiry this was found to be a mistake.

Scarisbreck and Hurlston were pronounced to be held of the Earl of Derby, as successor of the Lathom family see p. Died 25th July, Succeeded in at the age of six.

He was a ward of the Earl of Derby, whose natural daughter, Elizabeth, he married. His will, dated 4th October, , is printed at length in Lancashire and Cheshire Wills, vol.

Succeeded his father in He was living in , but dead before Succeeded early in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. He rebuilt the Hall. He was "conformable in religion, though his wife a recusant.

He died 27th April, , leaving as his heir Henry Scarisbrick, son of Thomas Scarisbrick of Barwick, a descendant of a younger son from one of his ancestors.

By this marriage, which took place on 28th July, , the two lines of the family were united. Henry Scarisbrick died in October, His son and heir was born in the following March.

His name is in the guild roll of Preston in as a "foreign burgess. He died in in London, and was buried at St. He married Frances Blundell, of Ince-Blundell, who survived him nearly forty-eight years.

He died in , and she in January, At the age of eighteen he became a Jesuit and resigned the estates to his brother Robert Came of age in i6go.

He was a Jacobite in politics and was probably concerned in the rising of He fled to escape arrest after the failure of the Pretender and kept in concealment for two years.

He then surrendered, and was committed to Newgate 7 , where he remained eight months. He was acquitted at the Lancaster assizes and his estates restored.

He died in March, He was the third son of Robert Scarisbrick The eldest son pre- deceased his father and the second son became a Jesuit. Robert succeeded his father in , but died unmarried the same year, and was succeeded in turn by three of his brothers.

He was the fourth son of Robert Scarisbrick He died in July, , leaving only a daughter. Died between and Robert Scaris- brick 19 had nine sons, three of whom — Edward, Francis, and Henry — became Jesuits and renounced their rights to the estates.

The Jesuit order having been suppressed in , Edward and Francis seem to have occupied the hall, and the latter before his death in settled the estates on his nephew, Thomas Eccleston.

Francis Scarisbrick was rector of St. He died in , aged eighty-six. Basil Thomas Scarisbrick took the name of Eccleston on succeeding to the Eccleston estates in His son Thomas Eccles- ton born succeeded his father as lord of Eccleston in He had been for eleven years previous to this master of Scarisbrick by usucaption, though not by legal settlement, from his uncle Francis Scarisbrick.

From the time he took up his residence at Scarisbrick Hall he effected great improvements on the estate, and had com- pleted the draining of Martin Mere in , for which he obtained the gold medal of the Society of Arts.

He married Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Clifton. He resumed the name of Scarisbrick sometime after He died ist November, Born Eccleston, he assumed the name and arms of Scarisbrick, by royal licence, i8th May, The Wrightington estate went to his brother Charles, to whom he sold the Eccleston estate also.

He died 17th July, Like his brother Thomas he had been born Eccleston 24th June, On succeeding to the Wrightington estate he took the name of Dicconson, but, on coming into the Scarisbrick estate in , he dropped the name of Dicconson for that of Scarisbrick.

Between and i his wealth increased enormously by the value of land in Southport. He it was who commenced the re- building of Scarisbrick Hall in He was high sheriff of the county in He was a man of strange and eccentric habits and, although he lived at Scarisbrick with a lady who bore his name, he was never married.

By her he had three children, on whom he settled in trust the North Meols portion of his estate. Nathaniel Hawthorne, who lived in Southport in , was attracted by the stories he heard of the strange per- sonality of Charles Scarisbrick.

He might be an interesting person to know; but, after all, his character turns out to be one of the commonplaces of novels and romance.

He was buried at Bescar Chapel, the vault at Ormskirk having been made up. His eccentricity was shown in the directions he left for his funeral.

When he built the presbytery at Bescar "he ordered a gap to be left in the garden wall, which was otherwise completed.

He would never disclose the reason of this singular order, but after his death it was discovered that he had directed his body to be carried to the grave in a straight line from the house.

The route lay through some fields, a garden, and across three or four ditches. A day or two before hedges were cut down, planks were laid across ditches, and a complete thoroughfare made between Scarisbrick Hall and the burial ground.

The funeral party on leaving the hall entered a meadow, then crossed a wheatfield, passed over a potato field, and afterwards went through a garden into the chapel yard.

Lady Hunloke assumed the surname and arms of Scarisbrick by royal licence, 17th October, i, and thenceforward she was known as Lady Scarisbrick.

She had a triumphant entry to her estate on 5th June, She completed the building of the hall, and the east wing and the tower are her work.

Hunloke, Bart, died , and Charlotte died — predeceased her. Besides completing the hall Lady Scarisbrick restored the family burial place in Ormskirk Church She is said to have been designated by George IV.

After his death his widow continued to reside in France till , and during this period Miss Hunloke contracted a marriage with the Marquis de Casteja, a distinguished member of the French aristocracy.

The Marquis de Casteja was authorised, on his wife succeeding to the Scarisbrick estate, by royal licence dated 31st January, , to take the name of Scarisbrick after that of De Biaudos, and to bear the arms of Scarisbrick quarterly.

The Marchioness de Casteja died 13th November, , and was buried first at Wingerworth and afterwards in a specially prepared vault in the new church erected to her memory at Bescar.

Church at Bescar bears the following inscription: He was born 22nd February, , and belonged to an ancient family which came into France with Henry of Navarre.

He was present on the coronation of Charles X. He formed part of the little army which protected King Charles in his flight in For his services at that time he was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

When the war with Germany broke but in the marquis was already sixty-five years of age, but he accepted the task of equipping two hundred and fifty battalions of national guards created to co- operate with the regular army in the defence of Paris.

He was in Paris, with his wife, all through the siege, and his house in the Boulevard Haussmann was turned into a hospital. For his services at this time he received the only cross of Commander of the Legion of Honour given to an officer of the national guard.

He escaped from Paris soon after the Commune was proclaimed and came to England, but after the death of his wife he resided for the greater part of his life in France, only paying occasional visits to Scarisbrick.

He died at the advanced age of ninety-four in AN altar dug up at Ribchester in is now preserved at St. On the right side is a figure of Apollo with his lyre.

Two female figures, holding some object now too worn to be clearly made out, are carved on the back of the altar.

The inscription is thus given by Mr, Thompson Watkin: Antoninus of the Sixth Legion, the Victorious.

The Romans were not exclusive in their religious ideas, and readily admitted foreign deities to their Pantheon. There are several instances of Celtic divinities whose names have been conjoined to those of the gods of the invading conquerors, as in the case of Mars Cocidius.

There are other inscriptions relating to the Celtic god Maponus. In the Ravenna list of Roman towns in Britain the name of Maponi occurs.

Watkin remarks, should probably be the Fanum Maponi. But where this temple of Mabon stood is not known. There is Rhiwabon, about which Professor John Rhys remarks: Llanfabon is dedicated to him, and also perhaps Rhiwfabon in Maelor, just named.

He is said to have been a brother of St. Except God there is no searcher of hearts. Thomas Stephens, who regards the warrior and the saint as identical, suggests that Teilo was the son of Enlleu by Tegfed, and Mabon the son by a second wife, Modron, the daughter of Avallach.

A person named Mabon is named as a lay witness to a deed of gift to Dubricius, bishop of Llandaff, who died in He also thinks that Mabon ab Mellt is the same person as the saint.

The chief legendary data about Mabon is to be found in the Mabittogion, but there are a few other allusions that demand notice.

The two others were Llyr Llediaith and Arthur. In another we are told of the graves of the warriors: The opponent of Mabon in this case was Gwallawc.

One of the Mabinogi relates to the marriage of Kilhwch, who is a nephew of Arthur, and Olwen, the daughter of Yspaddaden Penkawr. The king, who knows that his own death will coincide with the marriage of his daughter, refuses to give her to Kilhwch until a certain number of marvellous deeds have been accom- plished — and, no doubt, expects in this way to disappoint the suitor.

But Kilhwch solicits the mighty aid of Arthur, and one by one the required impossibilities are performed. Further, the only man who can hunt with this dog is Mabon, the son of Modron.

He was taken from his mother when three nights old, and it is not known where he now is, nor whether he is living or dead. It is also necessary to obtain Gwynn Mygdwn, the horse of Gweddw, to carry Mabon.

The search for Mabon is useless unless Eidoel, the son of Aer, his kinsman, is first found. Arthur then entrusts the search for Mabon to Gwrhyr Gwalstawd leithoedd whose name means the long man, interpreter of languages , to Kai, and to Bedwyr.

The rest of the curious episode may be given as it stands in the Mabinogion: And Gwrhyr adjured her for the sake of Heaven, saying, "Tell me if thou knowest aught of Mabon the son of Modron, who was taken when three nights old from between his mother and the wall.

Nevertheless, I will do that which is right, and that which it is fitting that I should do for an embassy from Arthur.

There is a race of animals who were formed before me, and I will be your guide to them. Say, knowest thou aught of Mabon the son of Modron, who was taken from his mother when three nights old?

And that oak has since perished, so that now nothing remains of it but the withered stump ; and from that day to this I have been here, yet have I never heard of the man for whom you enquire.

Nevertheless, being an embassy from Arthur, I will be your guide to the place where there is an animal which was formed before Iwas.

When first I came hither, the wide valley you see was a wooded glen. And a race of men came and rooted it up. And there grew there a second wood ; and this wood is the third.

My wings, are they not withered stumps? Yet all this time, even until to-day, I have never heard of the man for whom you enquire. From that day to this I have been here, and I have never heard of the man for whom you enquire, except once when I went in search of food as far as Llyn Llyw.

And when I came there, I struck my talons into a salmon, thinking he would serve me as food for a long time.

But he drew me into the deep, and I was scarcely able to escape from him. After that I went with my whole kindred to attack him, and to try to destroy him, but he sent messengers, and made peace with me; and came and besought me to take fifty fish spears out of his back.

Unless he know something of him whom you seek, I cannot tell who may. However, I will guide you to the place where he is. With every tide I go along the river upwards, until I come near to the walls of Gloucester, and there have I found such wrong as I never found elsewhere ; and to the end that ye may give credence thereto, let one of you go thither upon each of my two shoulders.

Said Gwrhyr, "Who is it that laments in this house of stone? And Arthur sum- moned the warriors of the Island, and they journeyed as far as Gloucester, to the place where Mabon was in prison.

Kai and Bedwyr went upon the shoulders of the fish, whilst the warriors of Arthur attacked the castle. And Kai broke through the wall into the dungeon, and brought away the prisoner upon his back, whilst the fight was going on between the warriors.

And Arthur returned home, and Mabon with him at liberty. In another tradition they are said to be the eagle of Gwernabwy, the stag of Rhednyvre, the salmon of Llyn Llivon, the ousel of Cilgwri, the toad of Cors Vochno, and the owl of Cwmcawlwyd.

This legend appears in the lolo MSS. Gwilym names only three — the eagle, the stag, and the salmon. This triad Professor E.

Cowell regarded as the oldest form of the story, since only three animals appear in the Oriental versions, which he has described. They did not agree very well.

Edwards, but students of the Mabinogion will do well to avail themselves also of M. Thereupon he exhorted them to the performance of the five moral duties, and by his precepts and example harmony was restored to their daily existence, and at death they were reborn happily in heaven.

In the Persian poem of the " Sindibad Ndmah" the philosopher Sindibad narrates an apologue, according to which a wolf and a fox, who were old friends, joined a camel, and they journeyed to the village of the camels.

Their only provision was a pumpkin, and it was decided that this should be given to the oldest of the three travellers.

The wolf declared that he was born before God had created heaven or earth, time or space. The camel said that with a neck and haunches and back like his it was clearly neither yester- day nor last night that he was born, and so snapped up the pumpkin.

Book of Sindibad, 15, These Welsh legends show that we have in Mabon a mythological personage, but they do not offer any certain clue as to the points of resemblance that led the Roman soldiers to identify the Celtic deity with Apollo, except, perhaps, that both were regarded as the celestial repre- sentatives of the strength, the beauty, and the ardour of the youthful age.

ONE of the most attractive parts of north-west Cheshire, no doubt, archaeologicaily considered, lies around the ancient hill-forts, Eddisbury and Kels- borrow Castle, within the Mercian hundred of Roelaw.

The latter is bounded towards the west by the river Gowy, to the north by the Mersey, to the east by the Weaver, on the south it sweeps from Trafford, past Manley, in a broad curve to Wharton by Over.

E, Maw or burial mound, viz. Eddisbury Hill, feet above sea-level, on whose crest the hill-fort rests, rises on the eastern extreme of a line of hills which swings in an irregular half circle to south-west, past Kelsborrow Castle, towards Utkinton, being an escarpment of the New Red Sandstone.

Its eastern side is of irregular construction and defended by a natural preci- pice; on the south it is approached by a gentle rocky slope, and protected by a ditch and double rampart with an entrance from the west.

The ditches are 12 yards wide, the ramparts formed of loose sandstone. It contains a little more than 11 acres, statute measure, and extends yards in length and yards in breadth ; its shape marks it of British origin.

In i8g6 five wedge-shaped stone hammers were found at the foot of the hill, one of which passed into the hands of Mr. Nathan Heywood, which I reproduce.

It is of drab clay-slate, splintered at the apex and base, 3J inches in length, and 2 inches across the centre, and weighs 8 ounces ; its surface is smoothed.

A track road passed under the hill of Eddisbury. When the Romans invested the neighbourhood they would seize the fort temporarily, holding it as a post of observation.

Thompson Watkin says that Roman coins and urns have been discovered here. The Romans absorbed the old British track in the formation of their road from Chester to Northwich and Manchester.

We hear again of Eddisbury in the time of Ethelfleda, in , who occupied it when Chester was newly fortified and enlarged; to protect Watling Street and the old Roman road to Condate.

At Kels- borrow most of the ditch and rampart have been levelled, although we still find traces here and there ; the same remark applies more or less to Eddisbury.

It is a strong British earthwork, erected to hold the pass of Kelsal, and concealed from the view of an enemy advancing over the forest towards Chester.

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A hardback book may have covers that project beyond the pages, and it may also have a rather complicated geometry at its spine, so its volume might be quite tricky to calculate.

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